EnviroDay 2016

For the second year in a row, the United Nations Environment Programme and Sarajevo Film Festival are joining forces to dedicate one day of the Festival’s program to the environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This day is known as EnviroDay.

This year’s EnviroDay will voice the issue of poor air quality and climate change issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina through an interactive series of public and high-level events advocating a behavioral change – therefore implementing the Climate Agreement on the ground.

According to the World Health Organization, Bosnia and Herzegovina is losing 21.5% of its GDP (US$ 7228 millions) annually due to heavy air pollution. The European Environment Agency (EEA) in its report for 2015 estimated that over 44,000 years of life are lost in Bosnia and Herzegovina each year due to particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide or ozone pollution.

The main sources of poor air quality and high GHG emissions in Sarajevo are individual household stoves and local heating that use coal, wood charcoal, heavy fuel oil, then traffic, high heat losses in residential sector, industrial energy of high intensity, and inappropriate treatment of the issue of air pollution in the process of developing and implementing local spatial and urban plans.

The mission of EnviroDay this year is to inform and empower citizens to take effective action in improving air quality by taking individual action aimed at the main sources of air pollution, and mobilize national interest towards meaningful policy responses to lower air pollution.